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Image of Myriad Mobile cofounders


Co-founders Jake and Ryan, while still college seniors, open the doors to Myriad Mobile.

Image of Myriad Mobile logo


Myriad Mobile experiences gigantic growth with plans to expand nationally with a mobile only focus. Growing pains and a rocky culture make this a difficult time in Myriad history.

Image of Myriad Mobile logo


After regrouping, Myriad hires the right people and finds guidance in leadership. A hard look at all the different industries Myriad was serving at the time makes it clear that focus is needed. We look back to our roots.

Image of phone screen displaying mAgri app


Myriad experiments with an agriculture focus and introduces a product called mAgri, a mobile tool for scale tickets.

Scratching mAgri, Myriad Mobile builds a scale ticket app for a local elevator as a proof of concept. This is a giant success.


Bushel is born as the grain industry’s first automated software platform providing scale tickets, contracts, cash bids, and more. The focus of Bushel is to “elevate the relationship between elevators and their growers.”

Image of grain elevator desk


Bushel gains traction to 1200+ live grain receiving locations and 70+ customers. We realize this is something really special. With a road map in place, Bushel expands to eSign, commodity balances, partnerships, and web offerings.

“We’re providing the service to our customers that they need and require to maintain the operations of their farm.”


Myriad Mobile is folded as a brand and is encompassed under Bushel, the company. The mission is now to be the industry data standardizer. Multiple sectors of the company come into formation as we grow to scale the needs of the industry.

Black Bushel logo on top of faded image of Bushel teammates celebrating


Let's get to work.

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