Bushel is the grain industry’s first automated mobile app platform for elevators and cooperatives to connect with their growers and deliver real-time actionable information via a mobile app.

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“You just made a farmer very happy.”

Farmer with The Arthur Companies,
Arthur, ND

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We know that your grain elevator has the strongest relationships with growers. You do business together, but you're also likely friends and neighbors. That's why we make sure it's your brand that growers see first.

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The Bushel mobile app platform integrates into a grain elevator’s accounting system to provide growers access to their contracts, scale tickets, prepays, cash bids, and markets. Bushel provides real-time, actionable information to growers, and tools for elevators and growers to easily do business together.

Cash Bids

Growers are able to see cash bids in real-time through the Bushel app. This empowers growers to make quicker decisions, without playing telephone.

Bushel Device Cashbids
Bushel Device Contracts


Bushel allows growers to track and review grain contracts with their elevator or cooperative. This allows growers to know how much grain they have delivered against their contract. It also allows growers the ability to make sure their contracts are locked in and secured.


Growers can see their scale tickets in real-time through the Bushel app. This eliminates paper slips and allows growers to track their loads immediately.

Bushel Device Tickets
Grain Elevator App Statistic Grain Elevator App Statistic

About Us

We’re a software company in Fargo, North Dakota, made up of farm kids. And what do old farm kids do in a slow season with not enough to keep their hands busy? They start tinkering. Dreaming. Solving problems. That’s who we are, that’s what we did, and that’s why Bushel was born.

Farming may not have been in the cards for us but we want to help our parents’ farm, our uncles, our sisters and brothers; keep the farm in the family. It means something to us. Bushel is our way of contributing to the farm. We know the business because we’ve lived it. We’re proud of where we’re from. We want you to build a damn good farming operation and we think we’ve found a way to help.

Let’s learn, let’s exchange, let’s get our hands dirty.

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The Bushel team is happy to provide you with more information. We can answer questions, provide you with a demo, or just talk about agriculture in your neck of the woods. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.