A web presence in the marketplace is a crucial part of any elevator’s business strategy today. A well constructed, functional, and visually pleasing presence? That’s just what sets you apart.


With a Bushel-powered elevator website, growers can better manage their entire revenue cycles and stay on top of their account information.



How It Works


Your brand is showcased throughout the site. Choose what information you want to display to your growers while having your brand recognized as a market leader.



Website Core Features


Cash bids and bid management

Futures markets (CME licensing fees included)

Market alerts, text messaging, and email notifications

Audio sending of market commentary

Weather forecast and radar

News and commentary

Customizable web pages and content management

Custom branding


Simple Management


A Bushel website comes with an self-serve admin portal which empowers elevators and their internal teams to become effective communicators with their growers.


Employees are able to make swift and simple changes to your elevator-branded site–– which removes messy and unnecessary steps in the communication process.

Market Data


Bushel’s CME license for futures and cash bids is included within the purchase of a Bushel-powered website.




Online Grain Offers


With our website and CMS, you empower growers to send and receive offers through the Bushel powered website.



In the Know


Take control of valuable information coming in from the site. With a Bushel powered website, real-time insight into the day-to-day activities of your growers allows you to make better business strategizes.


Stronger relationships with your growers begins with the information they need to know presented in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. A Bushel-powered website gets you there.