The Omnichannel Farmer

It’s a perceived double stereotype in present agriculture. On one side stands a vision of an avocado toast-eating, snap-back hat-wearing, “Hold on, let me finish this Tweet,” phone...

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Bushel Amongst Top Winners At Foodbytes! by Rabobank

"Recognized for their positive impact on the food value chain, Bushel, Shaka Tea, and Toast Ale won awards for their efforts to increase agricultural efficiency, offer Hawaiian antioxidant...

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State of the Trade War

It was 9 months ago when China first muttered the words “soybeans” and “tariff” in the same sentence. Since that fateful June day, fundamentals have felt like they were second fiddle to... Read More

ERP Partnerships

Where we get the information. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software providers are the sources Bushel integrates with to pull growers' accounting information, and push it through... Read More

Integrations Overview

It all starts in integrations Making your Bushel-powered app come to life starts somewhere. That is the integration process. How integrations work The Bushel platform is hosted in Google... Read More