Growers can access scale tickets in real-time. Tickets are easy to understand, track, and compile.

South West Ag Partners INC.


With real-time contracts, growers will know how much they have delivered, how much they need to deliver, and what contracts have locked in the basis and futures price.

Minn-Kota Ag Products


Up to date information on fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and other inputs as needed.

Pride Ag Resources

Commodity Balances

Real-time inventory for growers empowers smarter market decisions.

Midstate Farmers Coop

Cash Bids

Growers can view locations cash bids in real-time through the Bushel app. This empowers growers to make quicker decisions about when to sell their grain.

The Arthur Companies


Growers see what's important to them so they can make better grain marketing decisions.

Flint Hills Resources


Push notifications allow elevators to communicate efficiently with growers.

Mountain View Co-op

Your data, your brand

We know that your grain elevator has the strongest relationships with growers. You do business together, but you're also likely friends and neighbors. That's why we make sure it's your brand that growers see first.

Have your elevator recognized as a market leader. Stronger relationships begin here with your growers.

How it works

We integrate into your organization’s accounting system. This provides your growers with access to the contracts, scale tickets, prepays, cash bids, and markets.
And we don’t charge an integration fee.

Request a demo and see how good your data can look!