Made with elevators, for elevators.

How you conduct your business is unique from any other kind of business.


The necessities, nice to haves, and useless pieces that are found in the different ag products out there now aren’t necessarily tailored to how you actually run your business. This is why Bushel has been made by agtech kids alongside elevators–– for elevators.

Bushel’s Current Offerings

Mobile App


The meat and potatoes. Real-time data anywhere

through a custom- branded mobile app. 


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Your operation’s snazziest website yet with your branding and name. 


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Complete contracts instantly though our eSignature platform.


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This is what we do–– sell the best product for the best fit. We aren’t here to sell you something you just don’t need. We’re here to make your business and relationships better by offering tools to do just that.


To learn more on what might be the best fit for your business, contact our Bushel team today.