Picking Value In Agriculture Technology: How It Works

By Maddie Little

Jun 22nd 2018

When coming up with new additions to the Bushel platform, a surprising amount of work behind the scenes come into play. Knowing what is desired by the farmers and elevators we serve is a large part of what’s next, but it’s more complex than that. At Bushel, there’s a strive for value over features. Here’s what that means.


Reading the Room

In order to create features that carry long term weight, a level of crystal ball peering comes into place. With backgrounds in agriculture economics, industry trends, and of course farming, our Bushel team has the insight to create feature additions that will not only be useful for the present, but cut searingly into the future.

This process is done through numerous rounds of collaboration, both internally and externally. User tests are routinely set in place for actual farmers and elevator managers to test our beta products. From here, we’re able to get direct, candid feedback on what’s working and what’s not quite right. In these tests, we talk realistic usability, ease, and demand of each projected feature. We’re able to weed out features that may not end up being universally useful, or maybe just aren’t a fit for the industry. We oddly love hearing what our farmers and elevators don’t want.


The Value in Value

While these user tests provide a galore of benefits in selecting what features to roll out next, a more complex standard lies in the process: finding the value. It’s not easy to create a universally accepted definition of “value.” What one person may find undoubtedly valuable, another might find completely worthless. Bushel’s value mantra means that our team has to dig deeper in order to checkoff approval for what goes into the Bushel platform. It’s not about what will get more customers signed up as soon as possible. It’s about what makes the biggest, most beneficial impact for current and future customers. That can take time.

To gage a concrete idea of a valuable addition to the Bushel platform, we have to research. We test, research, test again, and research more. We analyze the competition and think farther. We combine our talents to create better. Value doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t come cheap, but we’re okay with that. This process is what we stand by, and know that the long game always wins.


Standing Out

As a product based company, our success stretches further from the product we sell. Bushel is why we’re here, but we’re sticking around because of the relationships we hope to foster. An example of our value-backed aspects of Bushel is the white-labeled design of each Bushel-powered app. We choose to retain our customers’ names and colors within the app for a simple reason: to keep your brand in front of your customers. In our eyes, your brand equates to your customers’ loyalty, which is why we choose to make you the focus of your product.

The small details laced throughout our Bushel platform add up to big value points, which in turn create better business relationships. We’ll pick that every time.


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