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Dan Olson

VP of Sales

Dan Olson quirky full headshot

Dan has been a farm kid his whole life. Growing up on a family farm west of Fargo, (that is still up and running today), Dan earned his farm boy cred by running the tractor and combine for as long as he can remember. Dan went on to study Agricultural Economics at NDSU, in which he received his degree. Following his degree, Dan began his investor roots for ethanol plants and other ag businesses. The ethanol sphere holds a special piece of Dan’s heart as he finds his time wrapped in ethanol plant waste studies, amongst other progressive ag projects.

Dan’s role as VP of Sales sparks from his belief that the agricultural data infrastructure will be every bit as important as the interstate highway system was to ag in the 60’s. With this overhead vision, Dan leads the sales team with the mission to make relationships over contracts, in the pursuit of a better connected industry.


Lovable quirks

  • You can find Dan after hours in the combine–– perhaps while pairing a good cigar with Balvenie Scotch.
  • The only baby boomer who actually likes millennials.
  • Walks around the office handing out chocolate chip cookies. (The millennials love him back).


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