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Agriculture’s past has taught us that those who silo themselves create disparate systems in the industry that stifle innovation. 

At Bushel, we are trying to end this. We are connecting the dots in the grain industry so growers can do better business. We’re crafting an ecosystem.

This ecosystem is what powers the platform. The expansion of talent, in the form of partners, is what keeps the platform ever evolving and dynamic. Each introduction of expertise we harness from our partners appear in different avenues in the Bushel platform.


Rain and Hail enters the Bushel ecosystem by linking growers with automated crop insurance submission.


AgTrax joins Bushel’s growing lineup of strategic API Partners to provide users with a Bushel-powered app that puts real-time, pertinent information in the palm of their hands.



Grossman Software Solutions joins Bushel’s partnership ecosystem by providing real-time business information to its large grower base through the Agrosoft and Agexceed softwares.



Farm Credit Services of America connects their customers with their operations’ financial information through Bushel-powered apps.

More information coming soon!

Strengthening the agriculture industry to improve business for all is what our partnership ecosystem is all about. Let’s lead the way, together.

To learn more on our growing ecosystem, contact our team.



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