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Grain Retailers

Grain retailers are wearers of many hats. Providing growers with recommendations on a variety of situations, keeping tabs on products and their prices, all while combating neighboring and online retailers that are providing similar services add up to be a standard day for grain retailers. Bushel wants to help fill the holes that retailers have to cover in order to continually serve their growers better.

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With Bushel, grain retailers are able to have access to valuable data systems for those they have business relationships with. Because of this connection, grain retailers are able to add to their offerings’ artillery with the rich, useful data connections they need to keep their growers coming back for more.


Grain retailers are allied by Bushel teammates through on site visits, webinars, and industry conferences. We know how you work to differentiate yourselves for the growers you do business with, so we aim to arm you with all the competitive advantages possible to keep retailing successfully.

“Bushel’s a big part of our current and future plans as we focus relentlessly on helping farmers succeed at marketing; very happy to highlight that key partnership!”

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