Keeping the Legacy


Tradition means something to us. Ensuring the sweat and tears our fathers and grandmothers put into the farms that we care for today doesn’t go to waste, is for some, the reason they farm. You put in the hours day in and day out, and while it’s hard work–– it means something.


Bushel’s vow to the growers we serve is to keep the farms going. One way in which we believe we can pursue this is providing the tools growers need to make better business partnerships with their elevators and overall, make their operations thrive.




Our platform wouldn’t work without the absolute soundest security and best industry practices. Every move we make at Bushel is with your peace of mind at the forefront. With an entire process of security protocols, we do not take your data protection lightly.


Real-time Data

Data that comes to you too late isn’t very useful, is it? Being supplied with real-time data means making timely decisions that could make or break a profit. Bushel powered apps provide your accurate data automatically–– which means no data entry for you.


Better Decision Making

The difference between a good year and a fantastic year can come down to what information was used. Was it actually the information you needed? Or was it something that could have sounded right? With the data provided from your Bushel-powered app, there is no confusion as to what’s going on with your operation. We bring the data, you continue the legacy.


“In the marketplace it has become a necessity to have this. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make.”


-A Hunter Grain Farmer