Frequently Asked Questions

Bushel Overview

  • What is Bushel?

    Bushel™ is the grain industry’s first software platform that allows grain elevators, cooperatives and ethanol plants to connect with their growers digitally to provide real-time information. Offered through business-branded apps, Bushel includes real-time scale tickets, contracts, pre-pays, cash bids, e-sign and contract management.

  • So it’s an app?

    Nope. Bushel is an expanding platform. In this platform, we offer white-labeled mobile apps that are the core of the platform, but we also offer a web app, eSign contract management, and admin portal. Additionally, our platform includes our ecosystem of partners that allow us to incorporate more functionalities through Bushel into other reaches of agriculture. Being a platform also means we have a continuous road map.

  • Who are your partners?

    We currently partner with Rain and Hail, AgTrax, Farm Credit Services of America, Harvest Profit, AgVance, AgVantage Software, and Grossman Software Solution.

    For more information on our growing partnership ecosystem, learn more here.

Bushel Security

  • How secure is Bushel?
    • We place security integrity at the forefront of all our business decisions, with a Veracode Security Report score of 98/100.

      For an in-depth security understanding, please read our Security Report.

  • What are three keys to data access for a grower?

    The grower has an account with the elevator.

    The grower’s mobile phone number is present on the elevator account.

    The grower authenticates their mobile phone number via an authorization code provided through a text message to that phone number.

  • What type of security do you use at the grower level?

    The grower must have an account with that particular elevator and have a valid cell phone number on their account.

    A grower’s mobile phone is verified using their phone number tied to an elevator account and a unique authorization code sent via text message to that phone number.

  • How is the connection to the database in Google cloud secured?

    The single sign on system is also used to access our databases. The database is encrypted at rest.


    Only a few people have access to our production database.

    It is only accessible from our internal network or our VPN which grants us access to a VPN between the office to Google.


    The connection from our workstations to the database are also SSL encrypted.

Bushel Functionality

  • Who do you integrate with?

    Bushel currently integrates with Agvance, Cinch, AgTrax, Agris, AS400, DBC SmartSoft, and Grossman’s.

  • Where do you get the market data?

    Bushel receives market data from Technova.

  • How fast do the tickets come in?

    Refreshed ticket appearance in the app is based off of the ERP we pull the ticket from.

    Some ERPs take a bit longer than others, but overall, tickets are available within 30 min when hitting your accounting system.

  • How do you handle splits?

    We display splits within the ticket detail page.

    All the account holders are able to log in using their phone number and see tickets that are 100% their tickets or split tickets.

    They only see the tickets that they have a split on or 100% ownership.