How It Works


Elevators send out contracts to growers who are then notified by push notification, text and/or email that their contract is ready to review and sign.


Growers receive push notifications through the Bushel-powered mobile app on unsigned contracts. By clicking on the contract, growers can sign and send a completed, legal contract within minutes––– all through the swipe of a finger.


Bushel’s eSign capabilities include audit trailing, PDF conversion and archiving. The eSign feature is another way that Bushel is working towards bringing different systems in the grain industry together under one platform.

Goodbye, Paper & Errors

With mobile and web access to contracts, grain elevators and growers are given a “one-stop-shop” for contract execution, storage and delivery.



“This morning I sent a push notification out to our customers saying that wheat was higher. A farmer texted me back that he wanted to sell, so I texted him back that it was a deal. Then, I sent him the contract through Bushel and he signed it on his phone. No phone calls, no post office, no waiting.

 Everyone else is living in 2018 while we’re rocking hard in 2025!
Great job, guys. We couldn’t be happier ” 

Brent Grassman, Grain Manager Mountain View Co-op