ERP Partnerships

By Maddie Little

Feb 5th 2019
Where we get the information.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software providers are the sources Bushel integrates with to pull growers’ accounting information, and push it through Bushel-powered apps. We are have a current line of strategic ERP partnerships. Here are a couple: 


Some of the connections between our tunnel and our ERP’s database work more efficiently together. AgTrax is to date the quickest ERP for the connection process to go through, which means Bushel-powered apps in the hands of growers quicker.


With Agvance customers, we have two connections.

   1 One utilizing our tunnel, translator and read-only access to the database

   2 The other connection using the Agvance API

How ERPs Work

A visual of the ERP tunnel to translator procedure


This is how we make the connection between our ERP partners and the Bushel database using the tunnel and translator:


   1 We send out a simple installer that is ran on the elevator’s server.

   2 The tunnel client creates an encrypted connection between a single machine on the elevator’s network and the Bushel tunnel service to allow our hosted translator solution to access the data.

   3 Once the tunnel is installed, we need a user set up in the server’s SQL database with read-only credentials.

And that’s how we put all our processes to work.


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