Bringing It Back


You have a business to run. Family to take care of. You need to make business decisions that propel returns back to your table. It’s simple.


With Bushel, our entire business model is based upon bringing back to your business–– through establishing loyalty between yourself and your growers.


We’re different from what’s out there now, and that’s because we’re you driven. Your daily struggles and small wins are what we strategize around. We’re here for the longevity of agriculture, and know that it starts with the root of partnerships.





Through grower adoption, you pay less. We based our pricing philosophy on the concept of a “win-win” for you. We’re driven to make your business thrive, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and put in the time to make it happen.


Competitive advantage

The ag space grows more competitive every minute. To stay ahead, you need the tools to get you there. Being an industry-first software, we’re confident we’ll not only get you ahead, but keep you there.



We don’t expect you to do this on your own, and we wouldn’t dream of adding more to your busy day. Bushel offers a Support team with 24/7 communication capabilities for anything that may come up. From the date you sign the contract, to well after your launch, the Bushel team is there because we consider you teammates too.

Find out how one Bushel-powered grain facility is providing value for their growers in this case study..

The Arthur Companies – Case Study

“By being able to provide their account information at their fingertips, we’re providing the service to our customers that they need and require to maintain the operations of their farm”

– The Arthur Companies Elevator CFO