Cultivate Conference Experience

By Derek Scott

Nov 17th 2017

The first Cultivate Conference, held November 16th, 2017, was a day packed with everything agriculture technology related. As a sponsor of the event, Bushel’s team was able to interact with conference goers, speakers, and of course the farmers from the Angry Farmer panel. Yep, that happened. It was amazing.

Throughout the day, speakers reigning from universities, startups, corporations, and more presented on their division of ag tech. Drones, greenhouse farming, farming equipment, GPS programming, and of course mobile applications all came to the stage. The variety presented at Cultivate Conference shed light on the numerous areas of growth-opportunity in the ag tech industry.

Jake’s presentation on Bushel 

CEO, Jake Joraanstad was featured as a speaker for the event. Presenting Bushel to the 200+ attendees, Jake was able to highlight the 4,500+ users of the app, in addition to Bushel’s new international presence. What solidifies Bushel’s impact in the ag tech market is its absolute automated functionality. By integrating with elevators’ accounting systems, Bushel pushes out real-time data to growers with their own, secure information. It was extremely exciting to witness at an ag tech conference that there still is nothing quite like Bushel out there.

Jake’s presentation was a highlight of the event for the Bushel team, but there also was a great deal of appreciation for the Angry Farmers Panel, as previously mentioned. There just is nothing like a group of beer-clad, angry farmers on stage, as they toss up their tech frustrations with absolutely no filter. Not only was this panel entertaining, but also extremely helpful in gaining true perspective from the folks actually using the ag tech products.

Through and through, the Cultivate Conference proved to be a success for the Bushel team. Any chance to engage in the ag tech discussion is a win in our books. The beer and angry farmers were just a little something on top.

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