Integrations Spec Sheet Success Story

Integrations are hard.   Connecting the dots from various grain elevators’ accounting systems to the hands of growers in the form of near real-time scale tickets, contracts, and commodity balances is a complex...

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The Omnichannel Farmer

It’s a perceived double stereotype in present agriculture. On one side stands a vision of an avocado toast-eating, snap-back hat-wearing, “Hold on, let me finish this Tweet,” phone -dependent young farmer. The...

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ERP Partnerships

Where we get the information. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software providers are the sources Bushel integrates with to pull growers' accounting information, and push it through Bushel-powered apps. We are... Read More

Integrations Overview

It all starts in integrations Making your Bushel-powered app come to life starts somewhere. That is the integration process. How integrations work The Bushel platform is hosted in Google Cloud. This allows us... Read More