Integrations Spec Sheet Success Story

Integrations are hard.   Connecting the dots from various grain elevators’ accounting systems to the hands of growers in the form of near real-time scale tickets, contracts, and commodity balances is a complex...

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Conduct grain elevator business via smartphone app

What does it mean to be "Powered by Bushel?" Take a look at this write up done by Farm Progress about one Bushel-powered producer who is seeing the impact of his Bushel app in his daily operations on the...

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The Omnichannel Farmer

It’s a perceived double stereotype in present agriculture. On one side stands a vision of an avocado toast-eating, snap-back hat-wearing, “Hold on, let me finish this Tweet,” phone -dependent young farmer. The... Read More

State of the Trade War

It was 9 months ago when China first muttered the words “soybeans” and “tariff” in the same sentence. Since that fateful June day, fundamentals have felt like they were second fiddle to Twitter opinions and... Read More