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John Deere

You see green and yellow, you think John Deere. This recognition comes from years as the world’s biggest agriculture influencer. John Deere’s reach amongst the farmers they serve stands strong from the continuous innovation given to these farmers from John Deere’s machinery.

This innovation doesn’t stop in the cabs. It starts even in the sales process.

Precision purchasing made simple

With a vision of a smart sales tool for John Deere reps, John Deere enlisted Solutions by Bushel to construct this tool. The end result? An app for iPads that creates a seamless relationship between reps and their customers.


With user experience in mind, the Solutions team was able to decipher what makes purchasing equipment challenging, and how technology could make it easier.

From this we customized a customer-smart tool for specifically iPads that enables users and salesmen to have the most fluid and transparent relationship yet.

By creating an app for John Deere reps, specific customer information could be pulled up in a snap. This ensures both rep and customer are on the same page, regardless of the various machines being looked at.

Additionally, with the intuitive filter and search feature, customers are able to instantly find exactly what they’re looking for, without the confusion.

A strong UX/UI emphasis took hold of this project to make the app elegant, but extremely useful.

John Deere_overview

Project Features

  • Custom UX design
  • Filtering system through lists
  • Exploration option of other John Deere engines

With John Deere’s vision, and Solutions ‘ technical execution, a simple, yet elegant iPad app was delivered.

This tool is allowing reps to uphold John Deere’s custom service standards, while providing the innovation the company has brought to ag for years.