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UX Researcher

As a UX Researcher, you will work to understand user and customer needs of current and future features and advocate for them within the organization. You will analyze the current solution against user behavior and expectations in qualitative and quantitative methods. You will also observe users in their working environments to identify areas of opportunity where pain-points still exist.  You will work closely with Bushel Discovery Team (Product Owner, Strategists and Designer) to plan and implement strategy and methods based on findings.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Schedule and run user tests of current and suggested features
  • Manage and conduct user research and concept development
  • Participate in recruitment activities for user testing/research
  • Review product usage analytics
  • Communicate regularly with marketing, sales, and customer success to be made aware of functionality requests
  • Interact directly with users and customers to observe natural behaviors and areas of opportunity
  • Present product usage findings to the product and leadership teams, along with suggested courses of action
  • Visualize user flows and interactions as necessary
  • Create user workflows
  • Create designs for rapid prototyping of suggested functionality and UI
  • Continually review the current solutions for areas of opportunity
  • Evaluate the usability and success of all of our marketing touch points


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