Business Developer


In your friend group, are you the naturally appointed leader? Do you spend your time bending an ear to farmers on the latest weather grumbles? Are you ferociously seeking ways for technology to improve the big picture in agriculture? If you consider yourself an apostle of ag tech and believe technology is the industry answer, we want you here.


The daily life for a Bushel Business Developer revolves around customer relationships. In order to form these strong relationships, Bushel Business Developers lead sales prospecting efforts with cold calling and email. From prospecting, Business Developers  focus on establishing and maintaining current relationships through just about every form of communication––– site visits, email, calls. Really, it’s anything short of telepathy. Business Developers report to the Sales Team Lead and work closely with other sales team members, as well as the marketing team, Bushel product owner, project managers, developers, design and mobile strategy departments. The day-to-day for a Business Developer includes updating customer records in our CRM, collaborating amongst other Business Developers to set meetings, present demos, and close deals. Overall, Business Developers are the caretakers of our customers–– and ensure their success.


A successful Business Developer takes initiative. They have large amounts of energy to sell our products passionately and relentlessly. Our Bushel sales team is based off of teamwork, accountability, and goal climbing. To thrive as a Business Developer, you need to be able to communicate eloquently and persuasively with customers, as well as across all internal teams. Bushel Business Developers make and reach goals all while learning as much as they can on the industry and best sales practices. A winning Bushel Business Developer stays hungry.

Please send your resumé and a brief email to