Bushel and a Beer

People like to know who they’re doing business with, so we’re pulling back the curtain to show off the team behind Bushel as they talk shop over a casual Bushel Beer. 


(Yes, we branded our own beer.)

“How Bushel Began”


Meet the founders behind Bushel as they discuss our humble beginnings and independent roots.



“Farm Kids”


Dane and Camille sit down to discuss their farming heritages, tractor jungle gyms, and hair dye.



“Building Bushel”


All ships rise with the tide. Hear our VP of Product talk about his belief in the grower + grain facility relationship.


“Welcome Aboard”


Tune in to Bushel and a Beer as Brian and Melissa visit about the steps to get your app live.


“Integrations are Hard”


Listen in as our beloved engineers attempt to translate integration black magic into normal-people-speak.


(Analogies and jokes incoming)


“Safe Data”


We handle your data with care, because your privacy matters.


“Test, Test, 1,2,3”


Quality Assurance, Rubix Cube Masters, Legends. Our fixers, and your first responders: meet Bushel’s Quality Assurance team.


“A Successful Launch”


Tune in to Brian and Melissa talk about what a successful launch looks like and how the Bushel team guides you through blastoff, and beyond.




Meet the team you don’t know you need until you do. Track the journey of a support ticket through Bushel’s Support Team.


“It’s Alive”


Get ready for some happy growers (and a happy Bushel team).