Bushel in AgPro Magazine: App Aims to Strengthen Relationships

By Derek Scott

Feb 14th 2018

“Bushel is a mobile tool to connect with customers.” Simply put in industry revered AgPro Magazine, Bushel’s purpose is encapsulated in those nine words. With the underlying mission of strengthening relationships between farmers and their elevators, Bushel offers features that establishes good conversations. During his interview with AgPro, CEO Jake Joraanstad explains why Bushel corresponds with both elevators and farmers, instead of the commonly sought after market of farmers. “We believe the co-op is an important part. They’ve been underserved, so we want to give them better tools.” Through and through, Bushel’s here to make things better. And it’s just getting started.

Learn more about Bushel’s journey and what’s next in the full AgPro article.


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