How Bushel Is Your Accounting System’s Best Friend

By Derek Scott

Mar 20th 2018

There are dozens of agriculture apps available right now. These apps promise your farmers solutions that will make their operations run smoother and better than ever. It’s no surprise that many of these targeted farmers are skeptical of such wide promises. There are just too many questions to be answered in order to gain the trust needed to promote an app for an elevator’s farmers. How do you know the data used in the app is the right data? How do you know it’s accurate? How do you know the data is safe? Where does the data go? Data is a farmer and elevator’s most valuable tool. By utilizing and protecting this data, elevators can provide options for their farmers to make better decisions, which equate to better operations. It’s not going to be any average-Joe app that will win over this group.

So how do you win over these groups to get them on board for the best technological solution  for your partnership together? The questions regarding data are often the most asked questions our Bushel team receives. Bushel’s software works by transferring data from the elevators’ accounting systems. This data is pulled back to the farmer’s mobile app. But how?

Bushel Data Transfer 101

Bushel works with five main accounting systems currently: Cinch, AgVance, AgTrax, GrainSMART, and Agris. This means that our team of developers make the Bushel software we’ve created talk to these different accounting systems. Once communication is established we can now work together to bring data to the app. The grower sees their data and only their data when they log into the app. This is the real time data. About every five minutes, the software updates, so the elevators have the quickest, and most accessible, data on hand. While our team currently works with five main accounting softwares, we are always learning more and more about others.

An integration of this kind generally comes with an integration fee. This means that the company who creates your app charges the elevator for the work done making the two softwares work together. On the Bushel platform, we forgo this charge because we want to showcase our capabilities within the app––not how we get .

What It Means

While having the technical details of the integration process is a nice to know, there’s more to this than just a development lesson. Bushel partners with accounting companies in order to ensure no data manipulation. We rely on the primary source of all your data, so you know what you see is correct. We are simply the bridge that connects your elevator’s information back to your growers’ mobile phones in real time. It’s a simple concept, because we know that the last thing a busy elevator needs is another overly-complex mobile app.

Your data’s protection and well being is what matters to us most. We want peace of mind for you while you’re reaping the many benefits of your Bushel app.


So what does this integration mean for you? When you receive your secure, real time data to your elevator-branded app, what does this entail? In short, you set up yourself (and your farmers) for success. No more time wasted in the office taking calls from farmers who are unsure of how much they’ve hauled that day, or how much is left. By having access to this information, you provide your farmers with ways to stay on top of their operation. Bushel’s mission is to elevate the relationships between elevators and their farmers. Now, when armed with their data, elevators can have better, more meaningful conversations with whom they do business with. The best is yet to come with easy access to important information. Our Bushel team is happy to get you there.


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