Our Mis-sion

To help the grain industry build stronger relationships with their growers through technology. company_wheat_single Created with Sketch.

Who We Are

We're a software company in Fargo, North Dakota, made up of farm kids. We build software for grain buyers, elevators, cooperatives, and ethanol facilities to better serve growers.

Farming may not have been in the cards for us but we want to help our parents' farm, our uncles, our sisters and brothers keep the farm in the family. It means something to us. Bushel is our way of contributing to the farm. We know the business because we were born and raised in it and are still connected to it.

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Our Position

Grain facilities have three differentiators that help drive business.

1 Location

An elevator's location can set up how elevators are able to do business with your growers. If you have one or 20 or 100 locations, we believe the way you do business matters.

2 Relationships

The relationship held between an elevator and their farmers mean more today than ever before due to increasing competition amongst elevators. A solid relationship ensures loyalty -- which ensures consistent business.

3 Technology

The technology an elevator uses positions the way their operation will overall succeed.


Who We Serve

Here's a snapshot of Bushel-powered grain facilities today.

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Back to our roots

Our team and our product work to strengthen the relationship between farmers and the grain facilities they do business with. We believe that relationship is a foundational piece of agriculture that needs care, attention, and tools. That's why Bushel was born.

Checking out the Braun Farm, doing research and meeting our fans.

With a team deeply rooted in agriculture, we get it. No one needs more noise. People need useful solutions. Our team is deeply committed to providing those solutions.

Bushel is here to elevate the relationship between farmers and elevators. It's a simple idea, but we believe simple is a damn good thing.

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Let's learn, let's exchange, let's get our hands dirty.

What our Team is Saying

Why do you think you have a good relationship with your peers?

I like the communication in this company. People trust each other.

What's on your mind?

Going to work here brings a very friendly work environment while still being focused on getting work done. I tell anyone who is interested in my job about the positive and inclusive culture.

What gives you a sense of accomplishment in your work?

It's always a great feeling when we get positive feedback from clients on work well done.

What are some things that Bushel does well to help you grow professionally?

The industry is always growing and that will allow growth in myself.